Our Client’s Experiences

“Firstly, I would like to thank you and your entire team for your help and support in closing files last month. Given below is the performance grid for the month of May 2016. As you can see closing performance has been outstanding from your office and we really appreciate it a lot. We have very high expectations from your office and we believe all the months going forward will have a similar if not better conversion ration from your office.”

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with how your firm handled a REO property sale. Everyone I spoke to regarding this sale was knowledgeable, helpful & polite. They made this previously difficult sale, easy. Some of the names I remember are: Darleen, Joanne & Amanda, all did an excellent job. I have been a Realtor for 37 years and must say this is one of my best closing interactions I have had in my career.”

“Your office was a pleasure to work with! If you ever need a reference, to another attorney’s office, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“You are great to work with!”

“It was a pleasure closing our latest property with you guys on Friday, the buyer is in and was able to begin their work this weekend.  Thank you for all your assistance.”

“Thanks for walking me through this closing — my client and I agree that option 3 was worth every penny.”

“Option 3 seems like a win-win for everyone. Your office is one of the few doing anything related to selling REO properties where the process is fair.”

“I am so impressed with your service that I have recommended you to my associates who are in another transaction, to use Holler Law Firm, LLC as the title provider and closing agent.”

“I love working with your office”

“After reading hundreds of complaints I bid and closed on a property in under a month at an “absolutely absurd! ” low bid price without a hitch. I selected a closing agent in (Holler Law Firm) Milford CT that was the answer to the bidders dream. They had great direct communication, found several water and sewer leans, during the title search, that I hadn’t found and answered all my questions about property taxes, keys etc. I now own my first rental property and am looking at the next.”