March 8, 2016

Are Local Realtor Associations Still Relevant?

Yes…and no. Every local realtor association is designed to provide useful resources to its members and to improve the local real estate community as a whole. Some local realtor associations in Connecticut have made huge strides, promoting collaboration, improving their technical capabilities, and elevating the role of realtors in their communities, but others have lagged behind. Below we’ve listed the characteristics of the best local realtor associations we’ve encountered. If you find your association is lacking, take a leading role and advocate for change. Holler Law Firm specializes in real estate law, and we support every party involved in transactions—realtors, buyers, sellers, and lenders—with knowledgeable consultation.

Opt for Collaboration, not Competition

As a local realtor association, collaboration between members should be the guiding principle. Local realtor associations function best when members think of themselves as a united front with the same two goals: bettering the local community and improving the Realtor brand.

Work in Synergy

This goes beyond developing the right attitude. The best local realtor associations also create an environment and an infrastructure for synergy—working together in person, online, and by contributing to their local association.  In other words, the spirit of working together and actually working together are two quite different things.

Develop an Image

Associations with smaller memberships may not require large, sprawling offices, but that doesn’t mean they should settle for meeting at a Starbucks. Remember, one of the primary goals of local realtor associations is to enhance the standing of realtors in the community. Having a visible, physical location can accomplish a lot toward this end.

Provide Tools to Communicate and Collaborate Online

Along with developing a physical presence that reflects their standing in the community, enterprising local realtor associations also invest heavily in developing a presence online. They maintain blogs and newsletters with content that’s current and topical to their community and host advertising for local bankers, closing attorneys, contractors, home inspectors, and others involved in the real estate industry on their site.

Support the Pack

Since the recession of 2008, providing the best possible service to the consumer, borrower, client, or customer has become more important than ever. Realtors, lenders, and attorneys in Connecticut and across the country are now working together toward common goals more than ever before. With a pack mentality and a spirit of cooperation in your local realtor association, all members stand to benefit.

Partnering with Holler Law Firm

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