Adam Haas

IT Manager

I developed an interest in computers and technology at a very young age. I can vividly recall in elementary school that while others were excited about the few times we got to play Oregon Trail in computer class, I was far more interested in assignments doing programming in BASIC. In high school, I built my first gaming PC and was fascinated by how the components interacted. Naturally, upon graduation I enrolled at University of Delaware in their Computer Science program, just a few towns over from my hometown of Bear, Delaware.

At the same time, I had a love for music and found myself wanting to pursue a career in the music industry. After a few semesters in computer science, I decided that while I loved computers, programming was not something I had the same passion for. Instead, I switched to a major in Music Management with a focus on recording and I started an internship at a recording studio. Upon graduating in 2007 I continued to work there, but I quickly found that there was not much room for career growth, so I expanded into audiovisual (A/V) systems and began to install speaker and camera systems in churches, concert venues and the like.

I found that I frequently needed to use my computer skills in this industry and realized over time that I preferred the challenge of technical issues for computers. I got a role as a technical support staff member and continued to be challenged and expand my knowledge. Eventually, I got into systems administration and found myself using the fundamentals of programming that I learned at the University of Delaware, but this time for automation.

In 2021 I started with Holler Law Firm as a Systems Administrator. I found the environment to be both stimulating and challenging technically and I also found the way they provided opportunities for training and developing their staff refreshing. I found myself able to take on more responsibilities and more challenges and in early 2022 I was given the role of IT Manager. I hope to provide our staff with the same kind of mentorship and opportunity that I have had here.

I currently live just a few miles from where I grew up and enjoy playing guitar and spending time with my family.

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