Brian Howell

Chief Operations Officer

Growing up in Texas has taught me many things, from how to pick up a fishing rod and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors, to how important it is to appreciate what you have, what you have been given and the people around you.

Having been raised in the piney woods of East Texas by a Mom and Dad who both worked with special needs individuals and the deaf community, gave me a sense of gratitude for my challenges and opportunities while also an appreciation for the work of those that strive to make a difference in the lives of those who face challenges I could never fully understand. Needless to say, I cherish those charities that support and fund causes to improve the lives of the special needs community and support deaf learning. Being a Cleft Palate myself, those organizations that fund surgeries for those who otherwise would continue to be impacted by the medical and social effects of this condition, such as Operation Smile, also hold a particular place in my heart.

While in school, I worked with a Texas Landman in the local county courthouse pulling deeds, oil and gas leases and mineral rights, and I found the documents to be fascinating. Discovering the conveyance history of abstracts across Texas was a lesson in Texas history that I could never have imagined. Finding Sam Houston’s Probate in Henderson County and leaving his “sword used in the battle of San Jacinto” to his son was a highlight that had me hooked on title from that day forward.

I decided then to partner with a local title company in Henderson County to help build the county’s first digital title plant. Scanning thousands of documents and indexing them for use in title searches gave me a much larger view of what the future of the title industry was going to become. After being given the freedom to learn the ropes I opened several small startup title companies – this challenge allowed me to develop and exercise what I learned and I then opened my first national title company in Rhode Island.

From there, I continued my career managing large, complex operations and relationships for companies such as Bank of America, Landsafe Default, Stewart Title and Vylla Title. I have vast experience in short-term and long-term strategic planning, developing customer service experience initiatives and national compliance. I currently sit on several boards including Texas Land Title Association (TLTA), committee boards including the Legislative Committee, Regulatory Committee and Claims Advisory Group. In addition, I am an ALTA active member and licensed as an Escrow Officer or Title Producer in 16 states.

When the opportunity to serve as the Chief Operations Officer of Holler Law Firm L.L.C. presented itself, I instantly knew this was a position I could not walk away from. Having known and worked with George and the firm for years, I knew the company was the best at what they did, holding the same type of values and commitments to the employees, clients and consumers I expect of myself. In my time here, my views of the firm and interaction with George, Rosa and the entire staff has only proven to solidify what I know to be the best firm in the business.

In my spare time, I am a certified tackle football coach and enjoy coaching for my son’s tackle football team. I am an avid saltwater fisherman and love spending time with my family at the beach. When at home we often have a very competitive game night or enjoy the occasional scary movie night. Family is so important to me – knowing that I work for a firm that understands the importance of what we do in the office, as well as out of the office, further strengthens my view of Holler Law Firm.    

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