Jaime Krynski

Manager of Change Management

I knew in that moment I was exactly where I needed to be

I was born and raised in New York by a Corrections captain and loyal civil servant. As you can imagine, I learned the value of hard work and dedication at a very young age. For many years I was a committed musician and learned the importance of discipline, active listening, and teamwork through my experiences as a violist. In a symphony orchestra if you don’t listen to the players around you and practice your part no matter how small, you can be the reason everything falls apart and quickly. I have always pushed myself to work hard and earn my place in everything I do.

At 19 years old, I was motivated to become independent and start working toward developing a career. This is when I started my journey in the legal field as a legal secretary at a disability law firm. My strong desire to learn and grow pushed me to always be looking for opportunities for advancement. This led me to the court and process service industries, which happened to be focused on default business. I got my foot in the door at a process service company that was on the verge of expansion and growth. I was incredibly lucky to have wonderful mentors who supported my professional development through two promotions. I went through formal management training so I could start off on the right foot as a new supervisor. I learned how to work within strict process workflows, the importance of compliance with legal requirements, and how to effectively manage client expectations and relationships. I was able to contribute and participate in process development throughout a critical growth period in the business. These experiences had a major impact on what I’ve accomplished throughout my professional career and where I am today.

In 2009, I married my husband Rob and within a year, uprooted to Connecticut, and was blessed with a son. The move out of state away from everyone and everything I knew, and my son’s ASD diagnoses at two years of age, caused me to take a step back and reevaluate my priorities. Climbing the ladder was no longer first on the list. It was a few years of traveling weekly to Long Island and balancing my son’s services back home in Connecticut before I made the decision to leave the company I had tirelessly dedicated myself to for almost 10 years. Knowing my son was in a great place and that my husband and I finally had enough confidence in our ability to maintain his progress, 2014 was the time for me to take an opportunity I was given with a foreclosure law firm in Westchester County, NY. This new position was a step up in my professional career, and I was confident my well-rounded and unique skill set had prepared me for success. I used all the knowledge and skills I had developed with my previous employer to hit the ground running. Although I had been successful in creating a QA department from the ground up, developed policies and procedures around compliance practices as well as vendor performance, and gained additional experience related to lender compliance and audit requirements, working in the default business was exhausting and not what I wanted my future to look like.

In October 2016, I got a call from Holler Law Firm to come in for an interview. The minute I walked in the door, I could feel something that I had never felt before in a job interview. I felt a warm, inviting presence. It was like a breath of fresh air. After interviewing with Rosa and Josh, I knew that I needed to take whatever opportunity they offered if I was lucky enough to get one! Working mainly in the default industry for over a decade, it was a change I really needed. The stars aligned, and I was ecstatic to start working with Holler Law Firm on October 31, 2016. I didn’t understand what starting on Halloween really meant until I walked in the door. Every, single, person was in costume. It was fantastic! I knew in that moment I was exactly where I needed to be.

I had the privilege of starting my tenure with Holler immediately before the tremendous growth spurt that has led us to where we are today. This provided me with a unique opportunity to make a personal impact on new processes and departments that were in their infancy. I have had the pleasure of assisting in the creation of our attorney panels in Massachusetts, Georgia, and South Carolina and supported the growth of our incredible team of closing coordinators on the scheduling team. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to contribute to the Holler Commitments we stand by today. I have also helped to support Vendor Management as well as reporting. The opportunities to learn and grow in different areas here at Holler have been a blessing, and I hope to continue on this path for many years to come.

To any future employees, if you start on Halloween you’d better be dressed to impress!

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