Julius Strickland

Growing up on a dirt road with no name in South Carolina, it was a pretty tough sell when I’d tell people that I was going to see the world…  That was my plan, and I had no idea how to get there. But, the great thing about not knowing how to get where you are going is that you get to learn everything on your way there.  

My first “real job” was washing dishes in a Huddle House, not far from that dirt road. It was hot, sweaty, thankless work that taught me the value of a day’s work. Not long after, I landed a job selling watches for the Movado Group. I did so well that it wasn’t long before I traveled from store to store on the East Coast, working with other salespeople to develop skills to increase their sales. The East Coast was great… but that wasn’t getting me around the world.

After that, I spent my time traveling. I got the chance to work for businesses as small as family-owned Dojo’s teaching martial arts and developing membership programs to companies as large as Sprint, helping to set up troubleshooting departments in call centers for the exploding cell phone markets.

After joining the Army in 2007, I learned what real teamwork and team-building were about. I was fortunate enough to be stationed in Europe for almost 7 years. Comparing American and European work ethics and combining them with military standards developed a unique view of work-life balance, the importance of systems, and how to develop a team to its greatest potential.

Coming full circle, I moved back to South Carolina after being Honorable Discharged in 2014. Since I have worked to apply my knowledge base and education in the civilian world. I have been able to develop two fully functioning non-profit organizations benefiting Veterans. Working in the medical field developing systems stand-alone micro-medical practices led me to get a personal trainer and health coach certification. Soon after, I worked with a digital marketing firm helping to grow their systems to span nine time zones and six countries.

Interviewing with Holler Law Firm was like taking a deep breath. I knew quickly that I wanted a chance to work with this company that had grown so dramatically and had still managed to hold onto a fantastic culture of teamwork, comradery, and a sense of family. Coming on board to facilitate systems development and growth in the scheduling team, I was soon presented with the opportunity to manage the scheduling department. Since then, it has been my privilege to work with the BEST team at Holler Law Firm.

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