Kerry Patton

All my life’s a circle…

- Harry Chapin

I am the son of childhood sweethearts born in the depths of the depression, raised to work hard and to keep searching for the right path. My father served in the Coast Guard, went back to school for an engineering degree and then—in his mid-thirties with a wife and five children to support—realized his calling was elsewhere. He began selling real estate, found a mentor, took to it so well he bought the agency when his mentor retired, and built it into one of the Milford’s most thriving firms. He always had a sense of service and enjoyed helping people through the anxiety of acquiring their own little piece of the American dream. And I’ll never forget my father telling me once that he was one of the lucky ones—one of those who actually looked forward to going to work every morning.

My story also has a midstream change of horses. I lived out of state for some years before returning to Milford to work in a small travel agency my folks had acquired. But after 9/11, I felt the tug of a new direction. I closed the agency, took a job working nights and weekends in a bookstore, and went back to school for a paralegal certificate. That certificate led to my first job with George Holler.

But that wasn’t enough. A couple of years later I felt a new tug, and enrolled in the evening program at Quinnipiac University School of Law. I moved to a paralegal post in Subway’s legal department with predictable hours that left nights free for classes. Four years later, I had myself a law degree.

Not long after admission to the Connecticut Bar, George invited me to work for him again, this time as an attorney, and I’ve never looked back. Here, every day brings a new challenge, but we’ve got the best team I have ever been a part of, all dedicated to the same goal: getting the job done right.

Life is a circle, indeed. This son of a realtor who loved going to work in the morning is now a real estate attorney who loves going to work in the morning. The road may be full of curves, but here at the Holler Law Firm we look forward to what’s coming around the bend.

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