Tom Oakes

Holler Law Firm’s greatest asset is its people, but those people depend on technology. In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Tom is focused on making sure technology is effective, available, and secure. 

Tom’s parents and extended family worked in healthcare and public safety. From a young age, he was shown that helping and caring was why you went to work. His early career plans were either to become a doctor or a goalie for the Hartford Whalers. Med school took a back seat when his family invested in a computer. Tom realized how comfortable he was around this new technology and saw that no one else seemed to understand how it worked.

Supporting computers became a way to help and serve others while making a living. He spent years as an IT consultant. There he learned his craft while supporting and designing systems for clients and friends. Always looking to find the industry where he felt at home, Tom worked in banking, manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and has consulted for thousands of different businesses. His work has taken him around the country and the world.

Med school did not quite fit, but a lifelong passion for learning might explain Tom’s interest in reading, puzzles, trivia, theater, and music. Tom keeps in touch with his hockey dreams working as an off-ice official in Hartford.

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