Zhane McDonald

Audit Manager

My parents came to the US from the Caribbean island of Grenada and settled in Hamden, CT when I was 5 years old. I am the youngest of four siblings and I always knew I had some big shoes to fill! I attended Hamden High School and always knew that once I graduated, I would attend a college majoring in Criminal Justice.

I became a mother at the age of sixteen. I knew from the moment I found out that I was now responsible for the trajectory of not one, but two lives. It was then that I made the decision to push through any and all hurdles that came my way to become my best self. I made a commitment to myself to finish school, no matter how hard it would be, and set the best example for my daughter.

Less than two years later, I graduated high school with honors. I subsequently began my secondary education at Albertus Magnus College pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice, all while being employed full time. Remembering the oath I made to myself and my daughter, I chose to further my education beyond my Bachelor’s and I promptly enrolled at the University of New Haven for graduate school.

Holler Law Firm granted me the opportunity for employment in October of 2016. I came on board as a pre-closer and it did not take long to feel right at home! While my position was unfamiliar territory in real estate, I soon discovered that I had the support of an entire team, one who shared a common mission and worked tirelessly to achieve the collective goal. I moved my way through numerous positions – all of which provided valuable experience and the acquisition of new skills. In 2018, I graduated with my Master’s in Financial Investigations and Auditing and four years later I landed in a related field of the Audit Manager position.

For me, my occupation represents more than just a pay check: it is gainful employment in a setting that allows for unlimited growth. Additionally, I am so honored be under the mentorship of the bright minds heading our company. It is with confidence that I say I have evolved from a teen mom to a woman I am proud to be and my career at Holler Law Firm continues to significantly contribute to that.

Outside of work, I enjoy trying new restaurants, spending quality time with my daughter, Trinity, shopping and traveling.

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