Realtor Services

Holler Law Firm, LLC works closely with realtors to provide vital local expertise during the closing process. With an experienced staff of attorneys, Holler Law’s realtor services go above and beyond their client’s expectations. The on-staff attorneys help their clients by:

  • Reviewing contracts
  • Negotiating purchase and sales contracts
  • Preparing deeds
  • Generating any powers of attorney
  • Evaluating all necessary forms

The Holler Law team understands that realtors are working with both buyers and sellers. For this reason, they offer valuable technology tools such as their useful LE Closing Calculator and a 24/7 File Tracker. Busy realtors love the File Tracker system because it allows them to view, in real time, the current status of the transaction, access closing documents like the signed HUD-1 and copies of EMD and commission checks, and communicate directly with the Holler Law team.

Holler Law Firm provides state-wide coverage to provide their clients with exceptional services, their attorneys will travel to the real estate offices for each closing. Realtors turn to Holler Law because they value the attorneys’ knowledge when dealing with the law and the extra customer support they receive from the staff.