Licensed States

Each attorney state has its own rules and regulations pertaining to title and real estate conveyance. However, while understanding state laws is important, equally important is coordinating with the title company team so they can meet lender expectations and keep borrowers happy. 


Holler Law Firm is Connecticut born and bred. For more than two decades, we have built relationships with title companies from New London to Sharon and everywhere in between. Now, in accordance with new state requirements, clients count on Connecticut’s premier real estate law firm to handle all of their signings as well as title insurance and disbursement. We enjoy having a front-row seat to smiling borrowers, and our expanded role in making such important life milestones happen. 


An attorney licensed to practice law in Delaware is required to be involved in drafting or reviewing all documents affecting transfer of title. They are responsible for evaluating the legal rights and obligations of the parties, performing title examination, conducting the settlement process, facilitating disbursements and ensuring all legal documents are properly recorded. Our Delaware attorneys ensure the highest level of service state-wide. 


Georgia law requires that an attorney must prepare all legal instruments granting legal rights and determine the validity of titles to real property. Closings and disbursements must also be performed by an attorney. HLF provides a full suite of real estate services throughout the state of Georgia.


We’re participating attorneys in the Iowa Title Guaranty. We issue attorney title opinions and guarantees, and handle full settlements.


Holler Law Firm supports our Louisiana clients with Attorney Title Opinion letters, if requested, as well as deed preparation. On every transaction, we coordinate tightly with the title company team to ensure all deadlines are met and that the title is insurable.


The Commonwealth has some of the most complex state rules and regulations pertaining to real estate conveyance in the U.S. Clients trust us to get it right, from title review through closing, disbursement, and recording. Title companies that operate in Connecticut and Massachusetts have come to appreciate the convenience and service consistency of using HLF to support transactions in both states.  

New York

A 2009 New York Appellate Court Ruling determined that non-attorneys are not allowed to receive direct or indirect compensation for preparing deeds, mortgages, assignments, discharges, leases, or any instrument that affects real estate. As a result, New York title companies have come to count on Holler Law Firm to perform these services on their commercial and residential transactions. We also assist with New York consolidation, extension, and modification agreements (CEMAs), and conveyance and financing co-ops.

North Carolina

North Carolina law requires the heavy involvement of an attorney across the title and settlement services spectrum. From title search through recording, we ensure deadlines are met, all documentation is accurate, and that every step of a transaction is performed in compliance with state and local requirements. 

North Dakota

In addition to Attorney Title Opinion letters (if requested) and deed preparation, HLF works closely with the title company to ensure deadlines are met and that title is properly prepared for recording.


Licensed to practice law in Oregon, we can provide escrow services as an adjunct to our representation of buyers, sellers, and lenders. We partner with local title agents to obtain title insurance.

South Carolina

The Holler Law Firm team works side-by-side with South Carolina–licensed title companies to provide attorney title opinions and deed preparation. We represent borrowers and lenders, conduct the closing and post-closing review, and then oversee the release of funds and the recording to ensure all documentation is executed and in compliance with state and county requirements.


In the Green Mountain state, title searches must be performed by an attorney. Holler Law Firm delivers a title report and provides, if necessary, title curative, followed by an attorney title opinion and deed preparation. We prepare and package all documentation based on each title company’s processes and requirements. 


Licensed to practice law in Washington, we can provide escrow services as an adjunct to our representation of buyers, sellers, and lenders. We partner with local title agents to obtain title insurance.

West Virginia

Holler Law Firm supports West Virginia transactions by integrating attorney-required services into title company workflows. Specifically, we coordinate with our clients on the attorney title opinion and deed preparation, and then perform the closing, disburse the funds, and record the documents with the appropriate county clerk.

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